Why Get a Home Inspection Report

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Why You Should get a  Home Inspection Report

At Blue Palmetto Home Inspection we believe that there are three good reasons for wanting to get a home inspection -  peace of mind, safety and money.

  1. A home inspection can save you lots of money.  Weather you're a buyer or seller a home inspection report can be used to help negotiate a better price.  The inspector may report deficiencies or maintenance items that if not repaired could cost you thousands of dollars. Also some deficiencies may affect your ability to finance a home. You'll want to know about these so they can be repaired before you finance.
  2. A home inspector looks at things from a safety perspective. An example of this would be a defective TPR valve on a water heater (explosion hazard) or a loose or incorrectly installed exhaust vent on a gas appliance (carbon monoxide poisoning hazard).
  3. Knowing that a qualified home inspector has looked over your home with his training and experience and reported any problems he deemed relevant will give you peace of mind.  What is that worth to you?
  4. Considering all the costs associated with buying a home ie (realtor fees, loan origination fees, appraisals, title insurance, property survey, attorney fees, recording fees, transfer taxes, prepaid interest, and payments for taxes and insurance) a home inspection is a bargain!  Realtor fees to sell a home is typically 6% ..... on a one hundred thousand dollar home that is equal to six grand!
  5. During a typical real estate transaction there are a lot of people who will benefit from an easy, problem free sale. These persons even if good intentioned may hesitate to facilitate anything which will slow down this process. Only you have the power to personally choose if and who will inspect your home to protect your interests. Blue Palmetto Home Inspection works for you.

So choosing to get your home inspected is a no brainer.  We hope you choose us!  The best way to contact me is email.... I check it often and if you need to call me I (Ray Thornburg) will probably answer the phone (843-608-5851).  You can also use the form under the Customer Information link in the navigation menu on this website so I'll have all your important info.  If you're only researching home inspectors save our site to your bookmarks for later reference.  Remember also that we serve all areas of the Charleston lowcountry.  Thank you for your time.


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