Charleston top ten reasons not to get a home inspection report.

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In the interest of fair and equitable journalism we here at Blue Palmetto Home Inspection in Summerville have decided to present both sides of the issue with fairness and honesty. Previously we gave you three good reasons to get a home inspection report. Now we present these hilarious top ten reasons not to get a home inspection..... enjoy!




Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Get a Home Inspector Report.

  1. You like surprises!
  2. That antique knob and tube wiring makes you nostalgic for the roaring '20's.
  3. You think that lead paint may protect you from radioactive fallout.
  4. Hey! You never make the same mistake 3 times.
  5. You already know everything!
  6. Facing the unknown gives you the exciting element of suspense that has been missing from your life.
  7. Buying a fix er upper gives you a good excuse to go out and buy some new tools.
  8. You love a challenge!
  9. You enjoy learning new home repair skills.
  10. You were wondering what to spend your tax refund on.


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