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A good home inspection takes time. Before you make a decision based on price alone be aware that there are some franchise operations out there who fork out their work to local inspectors.  These inspectors must perform two or three inspections a day to make a living.  Sometimes they even do the report in their car! I saw one of these "inspectors" one time.  He drove up and literally ran up to the house!  If he's moving that quickly how much time do you think he's going to dedicate to his clients?  I like to take my time and be thorough. I don't do a checklist report that leaves you guessing. I try to clearly explain the issues and include pictures of the areas of concern. Remember not all home inspectors or their reports are equal. Buying a home can cost many times more than brain surgery. For many people it is the largest investment they will ever make. Choose carefully. Check out our testimonials page!

Calling for Prices? It's experience that can save you money.

The most popular type of inspection is the buyer's inspection for when you're buying a home.

There is also the sellers inspection. This is designed to get your home ready for sale.

A pre drywall inspection will help give you peace of mind when having a new home built.

A one-year inspection is when you've bought a new home and you want it inspected before the builders one year warranty is up. This is a good opportunity to have the builder take care of any deficiencies under their warranty.

A four point insurance inspection is sometimes required by insurance companies for older homes in order to limit their liability. It is a concise report that gives specific information on the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems in a home.

If you want a pre drywall inspection then be aware that careful coordination with the builder is necessary when scheduling a pre drywall inspection to allow all the tradesmen to finish their work.  All county and municipal inspections should be done prior to scheduling a pre drywall inspection with a private home inspector. If proper scheduling is not possible you might expect to see a greater than normal number of deficiencies listed in the report due to its unfinished state. I suggest that you do not let this alarm you but encourage you to work with your builder to properly address any concerns you may have. It is my experience that most builders want their customers to be happy and will gladly repair any deficiencies they are made aware of.

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Remember that if you're busy or out of town; you do not need to be present for the inspection. We know how busy life can be. Just have your realtor make the home accessible for the inspection. Our reports are easy to read.

For the typical home.

How to calculate your home inspection prices? 

Up to 1500 sq.ft. is $325.00

1500 - 2000 sq.ft.. is   $350.00

2000 - 2500 sq. ft. is $375.00

2501-3000 sq. ft. is  $400.00

3001-3500 sq. ft. is $425.00

crawlspace only  $225.00

predrywall up to 3500 sq.ft. is $260.00

Add $50.00 to $75.00 if there is a crawl space of average size.

Re-inspection or follow up inspection $100.00 minimum (varies)

To figure your square footage include the heated areas and unheated areas which are covered by a roof such as a garage or screened porch and add in the sq. foot of attached decks you want inspected.

Remember that most of the time the advertised square footage of a home is usually only the heated areas.

If the house is larger or over 40 years old or has detached buildings, wells or other unusual features email me for a quote or if you prefer just call us at 843-608-5851. Prices are subject to vary depending on the features, location, travel time and the amount of work involved. Older homes for instance may be more because of the extra investigation and reporting involved.

  • We offer lab analysis of well water. (some lenders require this)
  • We offer lab analysis of mold samples if mold is a concern.

If you have decided that we're the right home inspector for you please fill out the customer information sheet in the navigation menu at the right.

For the convenience of my out of town customers I can invoice you and you can pay via paypal prior to the inspection. You do not need a paypal account to pay with a credit card using paypal.

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