What is kickout flashing?

Submitted by Ray Thornburg on Sun, 05/06/2012 - 10:25

What is kickout flashing?

Kickout flashing should be installed whenever a roof surface meets a wall. In the past many homes were built using only the step flashing method and as a result moisture could drain or seep behind the siding and eventually cause damage. Below is a home without kickout flashing.



missing kickout flashing

You can clearly see that water can be driven behind the siding. In this case it did cause moisture damage that was apparent from inside the home. You can also see the feeble attempts at fixing this problem with caulk.





The next picture is with the kickout flashing installed.



kickout flashing

There were no moisture damage on this home.










no kickout flashing on charleston homeMoisture intrusion on this home was exasperated by a lack of kickout flashing (yellow arrow).

Brick houses can benefit from kickout flashing too because brick is porous. Rain water dripping down the side of a chimney for instance can cause algae growth which can be unsightly. However some moisture is bound to be absorbed by building materials next to the brick veneer and that will cause problems. It can also be difficult to flash brick which is soaking up moisture from higher up.


Submitted by Ray Thornburg on Sun, 05/06/2012 - 10:25