Do I need an Inspection on a new home in Charleston?

Submitted by Ray Thornburg on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 09:35

Blue Palmetto Home Inspection serves Charleston and Mt PleasantI hear this a lot. It's a brand new house.... what could go wrong? Or.... I had a pre drywall inspection...... do I really need a buyer's inspection?..From my experience I can say without a doubt..... yes. This year I've seen a brand new home built without an attic stairway...... even though this home was built in a subdivision by a tract builder I guess he just forgot to order one. Or how about the house built by another tract builder where the water doesn't drain away from the home. The home owner steps out her back door to a 4 inch puddle. No way to catch that on a pre drywall inspection. It's too much to mention all the other problems I find on new homes here. Remember that all homes were new at one time and it's easier to have something repaired before you buy it.... afterwards may be too late. Calling a home inspector to evaluate your biggest investment just makes sense. After all who wants to have their yard re-graded after they move in? Call Blue Palmetto Home Inspection at 843-608-5851 or email me here.


unfinished    A home inspection would have revealed the missing siding on this home when it was built over 8 years ago. Now moisture has caused damage to the sheathing and roof that could have easily been avoided. I guess the siding crew must have ran short that day. Even new homes need inspections.




efflorescence in condensate panThis home was only about a year old and nobody had ever lived in the home. Look at the efflorescence and rust in the condensate pans under the air handlers. This is a deficiency because normally the pan should be dry and condensate should flow through the drains. The pan is only there in case the primary line gets clogged.




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Submitted by Ray Thornburg on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 09:35